About School
National Ideal English Version School (NIEVS) believes the principle “Survival of the Fittest”. So, we aim to prepare our students to be fit for surviving in the challenges of the modern competitive world. NIEVS is a Value-Based Private School where a passionate team of educators is committed to encouraging a lifelong pursuit of excellence through innovative and positive methods.
We are proud to watch our students' progress on the path to excellence with enthusiasm, commitment to learning courtesy and kindness to others. Our experienced and devoted teachers, loving students and respected parents are equal pilgrims sharing common goals with every student and the school as a whole.
NIEVS is a school where the journey to academic and personal excellence is sustained by a passion for learning and where the relationship between student, teacher and parent is paramount.
NIEVS has been a Dream School for us and we are striving heart and soul to implement our aspirations and goals.


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