Message From Founder
The motto of NIEVS is: To be an institution of excellence that builds responsible citizens for a better tomorrow. 
School education is the foundation for a student’s life. Unless and until the quality of education at the school level is improved, it would be a day-dream to expect competent students in higher study. Besides, there is no alternative to Learning English for dignified higher education in Bangladesh. It is our endeavor to establish a quality-conscious school where-
  •    Excellence is driven by values.
  •   Success is strengthened by ethics.
  •   Modernity is fortified by tradition.
With the radiant demand of English language, the Government of Bangladesh initiated the traditional National Curriculum in English in the cadet colleges. 
National curriculum in English is playing a crucial role in developing a good atmosphere with the combination of English proficiency as well as professional efficiency in the perspective of country and abroad.
The students who receive textual knowledge of National Curriculum will be fit for any competitive examination in Bangladesh. In this sense National Curriculum in English is contributing to build up the nation with well-equipped professionals.  
Following this perception and reality, it is attempted to establish National Ideal English Version School with a view to contributing intellectually and playing a sophisticated role in the advancement of our beloved country BANGLADESH.
 Sheikh Farid Ahmed

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