Message From Headmaster
It is the role of a school to build and strengthen character that will be able to withstand the extreme challenges ahead. The happiest and the most successful students are those with good motivation and a sense of pride in doing things well, rather than merely being competitive. 
As a young, dynamic and forward looking institution, National Ideal English Version School works with missionary zeal to implant in its students a sense of values and ethics, empathy, a spirit of service and understanding for others. 
In the present scenario, English Version Schools in Bangladesh are flourishing to keep pace with the modern trend in this age of globalization. 
It is a matter of pride for NIEVS to have come this far. On the way of accomplishing our dream, NIEVS is working diligently towards achieving the goal of extending the classes up to class XII.
We passionately dream of being one of the best Higher Secondary Schools in Bangladesh. NIEVS intends to provide a broad, well balanced academic program following the National Curriculum in English. Moreover, equal emphasis is given on acquiring proficiency in Bangla. 
We have a talented, dedicated, caring team who works very hard to make sure that the abilities of the children in our care are nurtured and carefully developed. The teachers are experienced and work as a team to make the school a very unique place for the students.
NIEVS also tries to create a harmonious balance among academic demands, sporting, cultural activities and community life. Hence, we are taking steps to initiate various co-curricular activities through Debating Club, Music Club, Poetry Recitation Club, Scouting and Martial Arts Club (Judo/Karate).
NIEVS is proudly a modern and progressive school that offers small class size, a strong and vibrant community and a committed team of exceptional teachers.
Keeping faith upon the Almighty Allah, we will be able to reach the expected destination through intellectual hard work and patience, InshaAllah.
                                                                                                                       Sheikh Farid Ahmed

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