Features of NIEVS
Features of NIEVS
1. We provide a balanced and well-rounded education for students using English as the primary medium of instruction but also placing emphasis in Bangla.
2. We have an excellent faculty of teachers who are devoted to teach the children with parental affection.
3. We emphasize on proper English accent and inspire students to speak in English  always so that they may have a good command over this international language.
4. Students are always under monitoring of responsible Coordinators to ensure discipline and quality education. 
5. The teacher-student ratio in NIEVS is 1:10.  So every student is accustomed to utmost care.
6. NIEVS provides a well planned Academic Calendar at the very beginning of the year which helps the students to be well prepared for the whole year.
7. Students of NIEVS face Oral Test in each subject in every Term Exam which helps them to remove 
the fear of facing Viva.
8. Yearly Lesson Scheme is a unique material of NIEVS. It includes the monthly lesson plan of all the subjects for the whole year.
9. Parents are regularly informed through SMS notifications regarding late /absent or important information
10. NIEVS provides well-secured security arrangement and alternative electric supply.
11. NIEVS campus is under the CCTV surveillance for ensuring safety.

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