School Diary of NIEVS

                 School Diary:

School diary is one of the most successful ways to carry the important messages from school to guardians and from guardians to the school.

NIEVS maintains two types of school diaries.

1. For Class Nursery – Class Two: (Blue Colored).

2. For Class Three – Upper Classes: (Green colored).



The common features of two diaries:

1.     Identification page

2.     Parents information

3.     National Anthem & Oath

4.     Instructions for guardian

5.     Instructions for students

6.     Marking code

7.     Class routine

8.     Class test related information

9.     Notices to and from parents

                      10.     Daily performance record pages

                      11.      Information for taking early leave

                      12.      Students Exit Permission

                      13.      Each page of diary contains a moral speech.


The differences between two types of diary:


1. The Green diary contains detention record pages (from Class Three to upward)

2. For the students from class three to upwards having diary marking option.

                3. Daily lesson & Home work maintaining option.

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