Code of Conduct
Students should know and do:
1.   Start all your works in the name of the Almighty.
2.   Respect your parents, teachers and your seniors.
3.   Love your motherland.
4.  Always make an effort to do well to your country. Make yourself fit for achieving your goal.
5.   Always speak the truth. Don't tell a lie even if you make a grave error. 
6.   You are judged by the company you keep. Shirk all bad company.  
7.   Observe moderation in your sleep and food habits. 
8.   Be industrious.  
9.   Do your work with confidence and pray to the Almighty for success.
10. Come to school strictly on time that is 10 minutes before school starts. 
11. Always and without exception must come to school wearing school uniform.
12. Be neat and clean. 
13. Must have proper (army) hair cut. 
14. Have your hair and nails cropped. No fancy hair style is allowed. 
15. Girls should have modest hair style avoiding show-off. 
16. All students attending 'Moral Lesson' must pay rapt attention and sincerely try to practice those lessons in their lives. 
17. Students are expected to attend school regularly and not to leave school premises during the school hours without due permission. 
18. Students should naturally maintain discipline in the classroom.
19. During the change-over of teachers no students should leave their seats and make a noise. 
20. Be respectful and courteous to everybody including juniors.
21. Come to school having learnt your lessons thoroughly.
22. In no circumstances a student should do homework during school hours. This would be deemed as a gross misconduct. 
23. Keep your classroom and school premises clean and tidy. Don't throw any litter on the ground/floor.
24. It is compulsory for all Muslims students from class IV & V to pray five times a day. They must attend congregation in school for Joher prayer.
25. Every student should carry the required set of books and stationaries for class work in the back-pack. Nobody should borrow books or stationaries from classmates. No bag other than a back-pack is allowed. 
26. At the end of the school hours students should leave school premises quietly. 
27. Every student must have to be received by respective guardian. Only those students who have specific permission card from school authority may leave school unaccompanied.
28. Borrowing stationary articles whatsoever in the examination is forbidden. Violation of this instruction will be duly punished. 
29. The following things that are unrelated to school and class activities are not to be brought into school: knife, dagger, steel-scale, jewellery, game-instruments, toys, picture-clips, CD etc. 
30. The following will be treated as misconduct or misdeeds: 
    Fighting, shoving, pushing, bullying, teasing, misbehaving with teachers, adopting unfair means in exams, misconduct, correcting answer-sheets, manipulating markings in school diary or answer sheet obliterating teachers' comments or remarks, pilfering or stealing, copying guardians signatures, leaving school premises alone without due permission etc. 
    All the above will call for severe punishment including T.C. class suspension, detention etc.
31. For taking leave an application duly approved by the guardian shall be submitted to school for granting of leave. 
32. Only Homemade Food is allowed as tiffin. Students are not allowed to bring Junk Food e.g. Burger, Pizza, Sandwich, Chips, Chocolates, Soft or Energy Drinks as tiffin. 
The Respected Guardians Should Know
1. Fill in the Identification  and Parent's Information page of the school diary. Go through the school diary, take note of the student's progress and sign daily.
2. In the contact number is changed, the guardians must inform the Class Teacher to update it. 
3. After having gone through the relevant aspects of the student's progress and comments in the diary made by the teacher, guardians are to take necessary measures. 
3. Guardians are requested not to make any phone call to the teachers during school hours. If necessary they can call the senior corordinator, coordinator or to the office.
4. Guardians will not be allowed to enter the class room. If considered necessary, guardian should discuss relevant issue with the Class teacher or subject teachers before and after class time. 
4. A student will be considered unfit for promotion if attendance is less than 80% and the number scored in any subject is less than 33%.
5. A student will be given T.C. if the student does not get a promotion in two consecutive years.
6. A minimum of two class tests shall be held on each subject a month. Guardians are to make sure that their wards appear in the class test.
7. Guardians should frequently go through the class test result attached with the school diary and sign it.
8. Three terminal examinations will be held in each academic year. The final examination result will be the aggregated result of the three terminal examinations. 
9. The final examination result will be calculated in the following method:  
For the classes Nursery to Two:
     1st term: Written 100 + Oral 30 + CT 10 + Discipline 10 = 150 
     2nd term: Written 100 + Oral 30 + CT 10 + Discipline 10 = 150 
     Annual : Written 100 + Oral 30 + CT 10 + Discipline 10   = 150
For the classes Three to Upward:
     1st term: Written 100 + Oral 25 + CT 10 + Diary 5 + Discipline 10 = 150 
     2nd term: Written 100 + Oral 25 + CT 10 + Diary 5 + Discipline 10 = 150 
      Annual : Written 100 + Oral 25 + CT 10 + Diary 5 + Discipline 10   = 150
    Final (aggregated) result = 450 ÷ 3 = 150  * Pass marks 50


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