Admission Fees & Payments

(For New Student only)

Admission Form: Tk. 200/- & Admission Fee: Tk. 8000/-

One time payable only at the time of First Admission





Session Fee includes the expenditure of 

1. Rent of School Building & 15% Vat on Rent

2. Utilities (Electricity, Water, Drinking Water, Toiletries, Generator etc)

3. VAT on purchased commodities

4. Co-curricular activities

5. Prize giving ceremony  

6. Observation of different days and events

7. School Diary, Calender, Printed Fees Collection Book, Yearly Lesson Scheme, Lab Fees and First Aid

8. Extra classes (If necessary)

9. Development fund: 20% of Session charge

10. Security System: Trained Security Guard and CCTV surveillance 


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