Facilities of NIEVS

            *     NIEVS takes full responsibility of the education of your child.

*     We provide a balanced and well-rounded education for students using English as the primary medium of instruction but also                  placing equal emphasis on Bangla.

*     CCTV camera surveillance all over NIEVS campus for ensuring safety and quality education of students.

*     We have an excellent faculty of teachers who are devoted to teach the children with motherly/parental affection.

*     We emphasize on proper English accent and inspire students to always speak in English so that they may have a good

        command over this international language.

*     Parents are regularly informed through SMS notifications regarding late /absent /performance or important notice.

*     NIEVS provides well-secured security arrangement, alternative electric supply.

*     Students are always under the watchful monitoring of responsible Coordinators to ensure discipline and quality education.

*     Students have access two continuous supply of pure distilled water which is mandatory for leading a healthy life.

*     The teacher student ratio in NIEVS is 1:10.  So every student is accustomed to utmost care.

*     NIEVS provides students the Booklist & Class Routine at the very beginning of the year which help the students to be well                      prepared for the whole year. 

*     Students of NIEVS have to face Oral Test in every Term Exam which helps them to be confident in every spare of life.

           *     Yearly Lesson Scheme is a unique material of NIEVS. It includes the monthly lesson plan of the all subject for the whole year.

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